2018 Recap

Some of my favorite Instagram moments in 2018!

Many of my tech friends write recap posts, and I love to read them. I can see how that would be useful in the future for myself. So, here I’m writing a short one 🙂

Looking back in 2018, it felt soooooooooooo long… I think many would agree with me.

So, I want to keep this short not just because 2018 was a long year but also because it is easier and faster 😄

Here are my highlights:

I’m grateful for all the amazing things happened in 2018 – except 10 more kilos 🙂

Hopefully, we have a healthy, happy, and successful 2019 ahead of us!


I already have some speaking arrangements in January. Reach out to me (@srhtcn) if you are in town and like to have a drink 🙂