A new domain and a new blog: serhat.io

I was a big-time Medium.com fan. There were two main reasons. Medium was simple and had a great community. These are still true. Yet, wasn’t enough for me to continue using Medium.

One of the reasons I quit is that Medium doesn’t support custom domain names anymore. Also, I don’t have everything I need to create custom pages – some expected restrictions which come with a simple design.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean I’m not going to leverage Medium’s community. Medium provides an easy way to import posts in a way that doesn’t affect your blog’s SEO. This means I’ll use Medium as a secondary blog.

When I was trying to find the best way to create my new blog, I asked my friends for advice. They shared a lot of different tools but in the end, I went with NameCheap’s new WordPress offering. It took me 10minutes to get a fully managed WordPress.┬áThe reasons I went for this one is because this is way cheaper and fully managed.

So far, I’m happy with the service.

Hope to write more frequently in my new home!

– Cheers, Serhat!