On-call shifts are nothing new. Doctors and other professionals have been on-call for decades—tethered to pagers or mobile phones waiting for duty to call. With the rise of always-on services, on-call rotations have expanded to include professions beyond the medical field. Companies have a lot to gain when they include the owners of those services—often developers—in the on-call rotation.

We will cover ways in which Opsgenie assists you in tracking on-call time to provide compensation regardless of the approach chosen for compensation of on-call time.

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Creating Actionable Alerts to Maximize Resolution Speed

In a world of 24/7 systems, basic alerts are not enough. Leading teams know that by enriching alerts with actionable intelligence they can dramatically improve mean time to resolution.

This whitepaper offers essential insight into how alerts can be made actionable so first responders are better equipped to address incidents quickly and effectively.

With more and more people pushing code and making changes to your AWS environment, how can you be certain that security best practices are being followed?

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Six Must-Haves When Using Slack® for Incident Management

Teams collaborate, share, and distribute knowledge in chat applications. Companies are realizing incredible benefits by incorporating ChatOps into their incident management workflows.

Download “Six Must-Haves When Using Slack® for Incident Management” technical brief to learn more about ChatOps, six important features of chat integrations for incident management solutions, and a comparison of the Slack integrations used by the biggest players in incident management.

Microsoft Teams and HipChat versions are also available.