VoxxedDays Microservices Paris 2018

  • This was my first time in Paris, it was fun!
  • I gave two talks: incident management in microservices and how do we use Serverless architectures at Opsgenie in the very first VoxxedDays Microservices
  • I got to hang out with Joe and Bridget from Devopsdays during the event

After I moved to my new blog, I’ve decided to write more frequently. One of the things I failed to do last year was to write short posts after I spoke at an event.

Here, starting with this post, I’m giving a commitment to do exactly that.

A brand new conference on microservices

If you are a Java developer, you must have heard about Devoxx. VoxxedDays events are part of Devoxx family but instead, they are independent community-driven conferences.

The team organized the first VoxxedDays Microservices in Paris this year. I was lucky enough to be there.

I gave two talks: 45 min. talk on “incident management in microservices” and 15 min. short talk on “how we user Serverless architectures at Opsgenie”.

This was also my first time in Paris, so I was able to see some cool stuff too!

One big plus for me was to hang out with Joe and Bridget from Devopsdays team!

The slide deck for my regular 45min talk:

Some tweets about my talks: